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  • Petrichor

    From: 5,00 

    That very special earthy scent created when rain falls on dry soil. On the British television cult classic Dr. Who, Amy Pond posed as a model for an advertisement for a fragrance called Petrichor. The slogan was "For the girl who's tired of waiting". The ad was displayed in Sanderson & Grainger where the Eleventh…

  • Pure Soap

    From: 5,00 

    Feel fresh from the shower clean... anytime... Anywhere There is nothing quite like the clean smell of freshly showered skin, especially when a pure, unscented soap is used. The Library of FragrancePure Soap is inspired by the scent of skin freshly scrubbed with Ivory Soap... clean skin with just a faint trace remaining of pure…

  • Rain

    From: 5,00 

    The Library of Fragrance Rain is the cleanest and most delicate of all our fragrances. Step outside after the first storm after a dry spell and it invariably hits you: The sweet, fresh, powerfully evocative smell of fresh rain. If you've ever noticed this mysterious scent and wondered what is responsible for it, you're not alone.…

  • Salt Air

    From: 5,00 

    Imagine a perfect sea breeze on the perfect beach at your favorite tropical island. Now you have the perfect description of The Library of Fragrance Salt Air. There's just no denying it... The Library of Fragrance Salt Air will have you thinking of that last vacation and much needed new one. Take off to the land of…

  • Snow

    From: 5,00 

    Remember what newly fallen snow smells like? Or a fresh snowball? This is it. And we worked on it for quite awhile to get it right. Take note too southern Californians, Hawaiians, Floridians, Carlbbeans, and other denizens of warmer climes, this is lovely! Available as a Body Lotion

  • Spring Break

    From: 5,00 

    The ultimate virtual vacation fragrance, only from Demeter Fragrance Library Suntan lotion, the sand, the sea, the drinking games but in the case of this fragrance, mostly coconut scented suntan lotion.

  • Sugar Cane

    From: 5,00 

    Sweet, edible, grillable . . . Sugar Cane by The Library of Fragrance captures both the sweetness and take-your-breath-away freshness of pure, just cut sugar cane. This fragrance so unusual and wearable that the Fragrance Foundation awarded Demeter's Sugar Cane with two FiFi awards in 2001, one for Best Fragrance in America. Cultivation of sugarcane probably…

  • Swimming Pool

    From: 5,00 

    Dive Into The Pool A soft, watery, natural ozone scent... wrapped in a fresh cotton towel... Demeter's Swimming Pool is the lingering memory of the pool water on the skin, not the pool itself. Savor the Summer, anywhere, anytime.

  • The Zodiac Collection – Aquarius – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    Intelligent, imaginative and sometimes eccentric, Aquarians are visionary free spirits who long to make a unique mark on the world and dislike feeling constrained. This airy, energetic, fragrance was designed to provide a feeling of ‘open space’ and its bold, uplifting tones support the Aquarian instinct to view the world as a place that is…

  • Watermelon Lollipop

    From: 5,00 

    The Library of Fragrance Watermelon is about the mouth-puckering contrast between sugary-sweet fresh fruit and the eye-popping tartness. This is an olfactory wake up call like no other! Southern food historian, John Egerton, believes watermelon made its way to the United States with African slaves as he states in his book, "Southern Food." Watermelon, however,…

  • Wet Garden

    From: 5,00 

    Not perhaps the original Wet Garden, but . . . very popular! Just as all Dirt is not created equal, so too, all Wet Gardens are not created equal. In the case of our The Library of Fragrance Wet Garden, time is as important as place. Our Wet Garden takes place at Easter, full of…