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  • Steam Room

    From: 5,00 

    There is nothing quite like a good steam bath. The Library of Fragrance version is an ozone fragrance, warm and enveloping, with a touch of eucalyptus to help open up those pores. A comforting and relaxing scent, like the steam bath itself.

  • The Zodiac Collection – Capricorn – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    Masters of self-control, responsible Capricorns deserve a solid, tenacious fragrance to reflects their most enviable traits. The result is an elegant, rounded blend of Champaca Flowers, Clary Sage, Black Cardamom and Cassia Bark. Resilient, patient and ambitious, Capricorns possess a strength that enables them to achieve goals easily, gaining considerable success and admiration as they…

  • The Zodiac Collection – Pisces – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    FOR Pisces, we wanted to respect the deeper virtues of those born under this charming sign. The result blends Lime, Teak, Vetiver and Verbena and depicts the soft, warm caress from a gently lapping wave at the shoreline, embracing grateful toes with the tender affection that comes so naturally to Pisceans. Compassionate, artistic and sensitive,…

  • The Zodiac Collection – Sagittarius EDT

    From: 6,00 

    Originating from the German language, the word ‘wanderlust’ describes a strong impulse to travel and explore - and it was this notion that inspired our fragrance for adventurers born under the sign of Sagittarius, blending Mojave Ghost Flowers, Green Laurel Leaves, Saffron, Amber and Oud. Honest, cheerful and inquisitive, energetic Sagittarians are always ready for…

  • The Zodiac Collection – Taurus – Collection EDT

    From: 6,00 

    Don’t pre-judge this fragrance by what you know of the stable, conservative traits of Taurus – there’s a whole other hedonistic, sensual side to this sign! It was a delicious challenge to compose a scent that would reflect such a duality of character, but using elements of Black Musk, Cedar Wood, Guaiac wood, pine and…

  • Tomato

    From: 5,00 

    We love this scent so much. It's really a verb; picking tomatoes. The scent the tomato leaves leave on your hands. It reminds our co-founder Christopher Gable of his Grandfather's farm when he was a kid. The United States Congress passed the Tariff Act of 1883, a rather innocuous piece of legislation requiring a 10%…

  • Vetiver

    From: 5,00 

    Vetiver by The Library of Fragrance is a warm, strong root aroma dark and ripe. Vetiver has a rich history. In India it has been used to make blinds necessary to keep out the intense heat. When the blinds are sprinkled with water they emit the vetiver scent. In Java the root has been used for…