Leather & Tobacco

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  • Cuba

    From: 5,00 

    So close to America, yet so far away and exotic to most Americans – that contradiction made Cuba a perfect subject for the initial Destination Collection.  And exotic is the perfect starting point for this fragrance. We focused on the rich, vibrant nightlife of Havana, warm, inviting and sensual, with lush notes of tobacco leaves,…

  • Leather

    From: 5,00 

    Is there anything as strangely addictive as the scent of leather?The link between perfume and leather goes back hundreds of years and is even said by some to have marked the beginning of modern perfumery as we know it, as leather tanneries started to use perfume materials to mask the unpleasant scent of leather goods…

  • Pipe Tobacco

    From: 5,00 

    Sherlock was onto a good thing, at least scent-wise. We love the smell of a good pipe. The Library of Fragrance Pipe Tobacco is rich, deep, moist and pungent, with touches of both sweetness and spice; everything you could ask for from a fine tobacco accord. So apparently did Native Americans. The origin of tobacco use…

  • Riding Crop

    From: 5,00 

    The Riding crop scent (like all of ours, in our somewhat humble opinion) is right on the barrelhead. That wonderful worn leather aroma. This was a naughty name and we couldn' t resist. Heck, who knows what mischief you can get into with this one.

  • Russian Leather

    From: 5,00 

    To understand this scent, think of those wonderful old, old leather chairs in a Viennese library. That's what we strove for here. This is a beautiful, deep leather scent with the sweetness that can only come from age.

  • Saddle

    From: 5,00 

    Another particular version of that worn leather scent. If you love riding, or just fantasize about it, you'll love this one

  • Whiskey Tobacco

    From: 5,00 

    It's as simple as this. We think this blend of Whiskey and Tobacco Smoke is a great masculine scent. And sometime it's nice to be reminded of your Dad.