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Take us to Italy….barring that, a good cuppa will do………. With just the power of gravity, water takes 4-6 minutes to extract a cup of coffee from ground beans, and given human nature, 4-6 minutes can seem a near eternity. Speeding up this process of brewing requires putting greater pressure than gravity behind the water. Another more personal human characteristic also helped inspire the creation of espresso. The act of individual preparation of something to be enjoyed expressly for oneself is also a sought after luxury. It is these human desires for speed and individual service that were the roots of inspiration for the invention of Espresso. There were several technological inventions begun in the early to mid-1800s that worked on the concept of brewing coffee faster, but it was not until 1901 that an Italian named Luigi Bezzera patented a machine that employed steam pressure to force water through ground coffee held in clampable filters. The basic design of this machine and the dynamics of how it works is still widely used today in many steam-pressure based “espresso machines” sold to the home market. The Library of Fragrance has captured the richness, depth, and yes, the attitude of freshly made espresso in our Espresso scent, for whenever you need a decaffeinated pick-me-up.


Please note that our cologne bottles are not boxed. We always aim to minimise our environmental impact and keep the price of our products as low as possible for our customers, without compromising on the quality of fragrance. Online purchases arrive safely parcelled with bottles shipped in plain white boxes.

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Cologne – 30 ml, Cologne – 5 ml, Diffuser oil 120 ml, Roll on Perfume Oil 8,8 ml


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