Scents of Sorrento – Foolproof Blending Trio – Jasmine, Musk#9, Salt Air


Sorrento is the land of love and it captures the heart of its visitors. The name of the town derives from the legend of the Mermaids. If you listen carefully, some say, you can still hear their enchanting melodies, floating on the warm sea breeze mixed with the bitter sweet perfume of the oranges and the intense aroma of the flowering jasmine. A perfume that will bring you back to Sorrento every time.

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Now you can indulge your inner perfumer. We take customization to the max, making blending your own custom fragrance easy with its FOOLPROOF Blending TRIOS.
Each TRIO contains three fragrances with a common theme, that can be
combined or blended together in any proportion to create your own custom scent.
Blend directly on the skin, or use the blending strips provided to test various combinations


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