How to say “I love you mom”

MOM. It’s from her that everything starts, where the adventure of life begins.

The most important person, the first scent we recognize, the first word we pronounce. It is in the mother’s arms that we seek comfort from the very first falls as children. His voice has the power to calm us down, not to mention her cooking! Mum’s dishes have a different flavor, better than a starred restaurant. She cares for us, protects us, teaches us to live. Mom is an invaluable treasure, which gives us herself every day.

We must often tell her that we love her, express our gratitude to her. In this period many of us are far from their mother, unable to caress or hold her tight and then a gesture of affection is essential to make her feel how much we love her.

The rose is the mother’s flower, the one that universally expresses an intense, total love, worthy of a queen. But, entering the magical world of smells, those that we associate with our mom can be the most varied, from vanilla to fresh laundry, but also the smell of baby powder, chocolate cookies, wet garden, jasmine … What does your mother smell like? The truth is every mother is unique.

The Library of Fragrance collects a variety of fragrances that will allow you to find the one you associate most with your mom, or the one you think she would love to wear. So to say “I love you mom”, say it with a fragrance!!

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