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  • Black Ginger

    From: 5,00 

    Black Ginger is a rare variation on Ginger with black leaves so shiny and smooth that they appear lacquered. The Library of Fragrance Black Ginger is an invigorating spicy ginger scent, with touches of eastern spices and ginger flowers. It is unique and unusual, in a manner that is classically The Library of Fragrance

  • Black Pepper

    From: 5,00 

    Luxurious, subtle and mysterious, like the peppercorns themselves, Black Pepper is both intoxicatingly fragrant and sensual. Black pepper's pungent bite comes from the alkaloids - piperine and piperidine, combined with resins found mostly in the seeds. Its aromatic, slightly musty odor comes from the volatile oils found largely in the flesh and skin. These are…

  • Blackberry Pie


    A light and sheer citrus fragrance, Blackberry Pie has unusual body and depth. The depth comes from the wild blackberry, which is the center of this fragrance, supported by peach and topped with lemon. It is unusual to center a fragrance around blackberry, and that unique perspective is both apparent and well served in this…

  • Butterscotch

    From: 5,00 

    Smooth, buttery and rich, this warm and delectable blend is in the best The Library of Fragrance gourmand tradition. The primary ingredients in Butterscotch are brown sugar and butter. According to "Housewife's Corner" in an 1848 newspaper, the real recipe for "making Doncaster butterscotch is one pound of butter, one pound of sugar and a…

  • Chocolate Covered Cherries

    From: 5,00 

    In 1629 the colonists coming to America brought about two dozen different varieties of cherries with them. Later, the pioneers carried seeds and trees west. The wild cherries called chokecherries, Prunus virginiana, were already known to Native Americans. Currently over 900 varieties of sweet cherries are recorded, and 300 sour cherry varieties. In Japan over…

  • Cinnamon Bark

    From: 5,00 

    The Library of Fragrance Cinnamon Bark is the wonderfully rounded and Compelling scent of Cinnamon in its natural state, without any extra added sweeteners. It is one of those smells that just make you happy

  • Clove

    From: 5,00 

    A rich, classic note used in the kitchen and in fragrance, it has taken us years to get this just right and wearable. But we did. Our Clove is a warm, sweet and beautifully aromatic scent.

  • Cosmopolitan Cocktail

    From: 5,00 

    We love a good cocktail........ True to the legendary Cosmo, this fragrance is an inviting and refreshing combination of Vodka, Cranberry Juice, a hint of Lime Juice and a touch of Cointreau. Maybe it will evoke memories of a sunset on the pier in sandals, or maybe an elegant black tie affair. Our own favorite…

  • Cranberry

    From: 5,00 

    Cranberries are one of only three fruits native to North America -- the other two are blueberries and Concord grapes. This tasty little berry was a staple in the diets of American Indians long before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. They used cranberry juice to dye their rugs and blankets a colorful red. And,…

  • Devil’s Food

    From: 5,00 

    The Library of Fragrance Devil’s Food is a deep, dark chocolate scent, as deep and rich as the traditional dessert itself. Devil’s Food cake is usually thought of in terms of dark chocolate, but originally it was red. This was due to a chemical reaction between early varieties of cocoa and baking soda, which also…

  • Dragon Fruit

    From: 5,00 

    Experience paradise. Fresh from the vine, Dragon Fruit is created with leafy green notes intertwined with juicy Dragon Fruit, citrus zest and soft floral and wood hints. Dazzling and appealing, Dragon Fruit from The Library of Fragrance, is an interesting fruit and a wonderful fragrance.

  • Firefly

    From: 5,00 

    The Library of Fragrance Firefly seeks to capture the essence of an early northeastern spring evening at dusk, the smells associated with that magical night when the first fireflies of the year appear. And the memories. That mayo jar Mom gave you with the holes punched in the lid…but the truth be told, this was…