Holy Smoke

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Incense used in the Catholic Church is a granulated aromatic resin, obtained from certain trees in Eastern and tropical countries, especially from those of the terebinth family. At Demeter, we find the scent so pleasing; we made it available all the time, every day. When sprinkled upon a glowing coal in the “censer (a bowl, provided with a cover, the whole being generally adorned with gilding and ornaments and suspended from chains, so that it may be swung to and fro for the better diffusion of the sweet odor), it burns freely and emits an abundant white smoke of very fragrant odor. Various spices are sometimes mixed with the resin to increase its fragrance. We find in the Scriptures many references to the use of incense in Jewish worship. We do not know exactly when the Catholic Church began using incense. There is no evidence that it was employed in Christian worship until about the fifth century, although when we consider to what an extent it was used in the rites of Judaism and how many times it is mentioned in the Scriptures, it seems probable that incensing, as a part of the Catholic ceremonial, goes back to an earlier day. At the present day, the use of incense forms a rather prominent feature of the more solemn services of the Church.

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2 reviews for Holy Smoke

  1. (verified owner)

    A spicy smokey scent; almost reverent in its weight.

    Lovely on its own, but I loved mixing it with a more floral perfume.

  2. This perfume absolutely smells just like a cathedral. I love the smell of this aromatic incense because it is has an a mysterious, spiritual quality to it. When I wear it, people think I have just been in a church service.

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