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An attractive and rare sub tropical fruit tree that bears a luscious red fruit, the Lychee originated over 2000 years ago. first in the north tropical rainforests and mountain forests of Southern China, where it is a dominant tree species. There are still villages in Southern China today with Lychee trees that are over 1000 years old! Chinese emperors valued the Lychee for its sweetness, so much so that they came to represent royalty and love. The scent, however, is citrus and fresh, fruity, but without being sweet.

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    When I think of actual Lychee I think of sweet, milky, sour, citrus, tropical fruit, and powdery rose nuances, and that is what you get with the top notes of this Lychee fragrance. I love it. As it dries down it does become more rosy and floral so you might like to mix it with a base note to cover up the floral character a bit.

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