New Balls

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The distinct fragrance of new tennis balls that come out of a can that has just been opened. In professional tennis balls are changed after the first seven games and then every nine games. Usually the chair umpire announces the change. The troups of ball boys are strongly engaged by the process, that needs to be quick and precise so that the match may continue. Players usually use this moment to change their racquets, to take adavantage of the powerful combination of new balls and strings at the perfect tension. As the games go by and with the intensity of the strokes, strings loose their tension and balls loose their velcro covering, making them less sensitive to spins and lighter in the air. Of this ritual, that in professional tennis, can take place several times during a match, The Library of Fragrance has captured a very precise moment. That of a pressurised can that opens with its distinct sound, letting out balls of a very intense yellow colour with that precise smell of new rubber and velcro that lasts only for a few minutes.

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