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  • The Zodiac Collection – Cancer – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    Those influenced by Cancer are at their best when they feel safe, be it emotionally, spiritually, romantically or financially. This inspired us to create a fragrance that could act as a talisman of sorts, to keep its wearer feeling assured and secure. The result blends Ylang Ylang, Black Davana, Ugandan Vanilla Bean and Burl Wood.…

  • The Zodiac Collection – Capricorn – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    Masters of self-control, responsible Capricorns deserve a solid, tenacious fragrance to reflects their most enviable traits. The result is an elegant, rounded blend of Champaca Flowers, Clary Sage, Black Cardamom and Cassia Bark. Resilient, patient and ambitious, Capricorns possess a strength that enables them to achieve goals easily, gaining considerable success and admiration as they…

  • The Zodiac Collection – Gemini – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    From outgoing and flirtatious, to contemplative and serious, the ‘twins’ of Gemini reflect the adaptability of those born under this sign. The task here was to design a fragrance that could suit any season, occasion or mood, the result is a stirring blend of notes including Vetiver, Cyclamen and Cardamom. Expressive, quick-witted and always ready…

  • The Zodiac Collection – Leo – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    A fragrance designed for the natural born leaders in life has to be as addictive as the Leo personalities that inspired it – and we think we’ve done it. This is a scent fit for a King and a Queen, blending Black Myrrh, Indonesian Teakwood, Black Pepper and Bitter Orange Blossom. Confident, generous and magnetic,…

  • The Zodiac Collection – Virgo – EDT

    From: 6,00 

    We understood that the successful design of a fragrance for Virgo would require meticulous attention to detail and methodical precision. So that’s what we applied to create this perfectly poised blend of Musk, Wild Cardamom, Petit Grain and Pepper Birch Blooms. Caring, kind and loyal, Virgos are hardworking, organized and careful creatures who long to…