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  • Sour Apple Lollipop

    From: 5,00 

    In 200 AD, famous Greek physician Hippocrates, recommends sweet apples with meals as aids to digestion and sour apples only for fainting and constipation. Of course Hippocrates never had the advantage of tasting a Sour Apple Lollipop. If he had, he undoubtedly would have understood that it was neither about fainting nor constipation, but about…

  • Spacewalk

    From: 5,00 

    We took the idea of a sweet, shrill and metallic scent, and twisted and extended it into an out-of-this-world wearable fragrance experience. There has been much discussion about the smell of space over the past few years. After a 2003 mission, astronaut Don Pettit described it this way on a NASA blog: It is hard…

  • Sparkling Christmas Gift Set

    48,90  44,90 

    Tangerine is one of the winter fruits that reminds us so much of Christmas. Enjoy it now for you and your home! Includes: - Tangerine 30ml - Tangerine Diffuser - Luxurious Christmas Gift Box

  • Spicy Pineapple Salsa

    From: 5,00 

    A study of opposites, the spicy jalapeño pepper playing off the exotic sweetness and fruitiness of the pineapple. The result is not the typical linear The Library fragrance, but a more complex brew that goes from fruity to spicy to an exceeding and clean dry down, while retaining touches of the fruit and spicy jalapeño

  • Spring Break

    From: 5,00 

    The ultimate virtual vacation fragrance, only from Demeter Fragrance Library Suntan lotion, the sand, the sea, the drinking games but in the case of this fragrance, mostly coconut scented suntan lotion.

  • Stable

    From: 5,00 

    Fresh Hay and muck, sweet animal sweat. That's as real as it gets

  • Steam Room

    From: 5,00 

    There is nothing quite like a good steam bath. The Library of Fragrance version is an ozone fragrance, warm and enveloping, with a touch of eucalyptus to help open up those pores. A comforting and relaxing scent, like the steam bath itself.

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

    From: 5,00 

    This wonderful buttery and toffee concoction is best in England. It's yummy and sugary and makes us happy. We are particularly fond of the version at Brown's, London W1. Sticky toffee pudding is a British dessert (or pudding) consisting of a moist sponge cake made with fine chopped dates and covered in a toffee sauce.…

  • Strawberry Ice Cream

    From: 5,00 

    What could be more scrumptious than Strawberry Ice Cream, made with the freshest strawberries and sweet cream? A refreshing treat from The Library of Fragrance, on a hot summer's day, or anytime you need a bit of summer year around. In 1744, a group of Virginia commissioners, who were on their way to negotiate a…

  • Sugar Cane

    From: 5,00 

    Sweet, edible, grillable . . . Sugar Cane by The Library of Fragrance captures both the sweetness and take-your-breath-away freshness of pure, just cut sugar cane. This fragrance so unusual and wearable that the Fragrance Foundation awarded Demeter's Sugar Cane with two FiFi awards in 2001, one for Best Fragrance in America. Cultivation of sugarcane probably…

  • Sugar Cookie

    From: 5,00 

    Realistic and delicious, Demeter's Sugar Cookie is sweet, simple, and fresh from the oven warm. The Frisbie Baking Company: In this otherwise simple baking operation we find the origin of the earliest Frisbee! The company offered a variety of bakery goodies, including pies and cookies, and therein resides the root of the controversy, for there…

  • Sugar Plum

    From: 5,00 

    A perfect Holiday fragrance. Sugar plums can be made from any kind or combination of dried fruits, not just plums, together with finely chopped nuts, honey and aromatic spices. Demeter's Sugar Plum is, not surprisingly, on the simple side, just plum, honey, powdered sugar and a secret combination of spices. Sugar Plums are widely associated…