The season of cozy notes

As the days get darker and colder, it’s only natural that you might want to lean towards spicy gourmands that intensify that cozy feeling of laying under a blanket or taking a brisk walk with crunchy red leaves beneath your boots.

It’s time to update your scents wardrobe with warmer notes! As the air cools down it’s a natural transition to seek out scents that are cocooning and enveloping choosing from the rich palette of spices, leathers and woods.

You should approach your perfume in the same way you would with your clothing. As sweater weather approaches, there’s nothing better than the feeling of warmth that comes from within. Heady, full-bodied fragrances provide a feast for the senses. Cozy notes like amber, tobacco, incense, and leather feel just right in fall.

Autumn calls for decadent gourmands, intoxicating florals, and chypres brimming with woodsy goodness. Leather accord, sandalwood, and a touch of oud wood round things out for a scent that brings the heat. Tangerine, bergamot, tonka bean and amber gris notes give a rich, warming finish that’s the perfume equivalent of being wrapped up in a cashmere scarf.

When it comes to fragrance, autumn is one of the best times to experiment: the cooler weather permits increased variety and greater expression. What are you waiting for? Heat yourself up with our selection!

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