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Violet is a staple of the perfumer’s palette, deep, rich and alluring. The Library of Fragrance Violet is completely natural, which inevitably adds a greater depth and complexity to the scent. And like all DEMETER florals, we seek to recreate the experience of the living flower, not some reduced, redacted or perfumed version of the living flower. We want to deliver the real experience of Violet in nature.

Napolean’s Josephine wore Violet perfume because of one unique quality; the chemical ionone, which makes the scent “disappear” to the nose, then “reappear” later. Josephine’s was the first recorded case of using this lovely trick deliberately to make herself more alluring.

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Please note that our cologne bottles are not boxed. We always aim to minimise our environmental impact and keep the price of our products as low as possible for our customers, without compromising on the quality of fragrance. Online purchases arrive safely parcelled with bottles shipped in plain white boxes.

2 reviews for Violet

  1. Beautiful fragrance but I don’t think it was really much like violet. That said I do love it

  2. Powdery and elegant. It’s a very delicate scent and as expected, does not last long.

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