What we are

The Library of Fragrance consists consists of over 300 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. In short, we are the olfactory version of “stopping to smell the roses”. We isolate and highlight the beautiful scents that surround us every day, in wearable formats.

Why so many different scents?  Because our sense of smell triggers our strongest emotional response, choosing and wearing a LOF fragrance is a personal expression of that emotional response.  That makes The Library of Fragrance the only fragrance house that is all about the user, and not about the designer.  There is no fashion to aspire to, or lifestyle to step into. Your choice of one of our fragrances is all about you.

That doesn’t mean you should be giving up your designer and prestige fragrances; some of them are truly fabulous. But there is so much more to the power and beauty of scent than complex and big fragrances.

Christopher Brosius, founder

“A person’s fragrance “wardrobe” should include more than just designer or classic perfumes. Having a fragrance wardrobe of just designer perfumes is like having a wardrobe of nothing but evening clothes – beautiful but not what you might want for everyday life. You need the comfortable clothes as well.”

Who we are

The Library of Fragrance is a family owned and operated business.  We try and extend that passionate and caring dynamic to all our fans, as part of the extended LOF family.

All Library of Fragrance products are made in our Pennsylvania factory and are stocked in Italy. We conveniently ship to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Enjoy affordable shipping rates and our free shipping offer on orders over €50

All The Library of Fragrance products are either made by hand, or manufactured semi-automatically and finished by hand.  All fragrances are batched by hand.

  • Zombie for Him

    From: 5,00 

    Available only until October 31st Death and Decay on the forest floor. Zombie for him is a combination of dead and dying vegetation, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth. Not for the faint of heart, if you still have one

  • Mushroom

    From: 5,00 

    Earthy and pungent, yet strangely sweet best describes The Library of Fragrance Mushroom Pick-Me-Up spray cologne. Ours just smells great; it has a bit of the same earthiness that our Dirt does. Neither plant nor animal, mushrooms are classified as fungi. The main body is subterranean, or lives on dead trees and living tree roots and…

  • Lime

    From: 5,00 

    Bright and green! Originally Limes come from Malaysia, and through Persian trading, were brought to the Mediterranean. Mexico now grows the most limes worldwide. Our Lime comes from sun-drenched Mexico, pure green and citrus, as refreshing as a spring day. When they're in a Gin & Tonic though, who really cares where they come from?

  • Earthworm

    From: 5,00 

    The lowly earthworm has been called nature's Plow, for its ability to move and aerate soil, and nature's Fertilizer Plant for reasons that are, well, obvious. The worm's habitat is moist, humus rich soil. In dry weather it burrows deeper into the soil to avoid drying out, preferring an environment that is humid, moist and…

  • Freesia

    From: 5,00 

    While Freesia is a staple floral note in many designer perfumes, at The Library of Fragrance we have isolated Freesia so you can appreciate its delicate beauty by itself. Freesia is a member of the Iridaceae family and is native to South Africa. The flowers are available in Holland year-round with peak availability in March…

  • Sawdust

    From: 5,00 

    Have you ever been to a working lumber yard? The Library of Fragrance Sawdust is that scent of wonderful woods being cut. It's terrific and quite surprisingly wearable.

  • Frankincense

    From: 5,00 

    The Library of Fragrance Frankincense is a full, rich, woody, spicy expression of a classic fragrance note. So classic, that the Bible mentions it as one of the three types of gifts the wise men gave to the baby Jesus.Frankincense is tapped from the scraggly but hardy Boswellia sacra trees by slashing the bark, which is…

  • Dregs

    From: 5,00 

    As in wine, not your would-be prom date! Dregs are, quite simply, the sediment or leftover particles of the grape left to settle at the bottom of a wine barrel, and also, often in the bottom of a good, aged bottle of red wine. While the 'bottom of the barrel' connotation associated with dregs negative,…

  • Chocolate Mint

    From: 5,00 

    The Library of Fragrance Chocolate Mint is not a mixture of chocolate and mint, but the actual chocolate mint herb. Used in desserts, cookie and ice cream, chocolate mint reminds us of a "Thin Mint" cookie. by Unknown Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays Available as a Body Lotion